In The Studio

Want to bring a WHW Workshop to your yoga or wellness studio?  This full day event involves:

  • Opening centering
  • Get loose with fun, gentle physical activity
  • Meditation and journaling
  • Lunch break
  • Fun, interactive learning on how to simplify a natural approach in both the home and living using essential oils, DIY and natural products, recipes, and more
  • Personal ritual development
  • Core group bonding
  • Closing centering

In The Office

Support a productive, creative work environment with thriving employees- I can help!  By working with WHW in this way, you will have access to the following options:

  • In-office wellness workshops
  • Essential oils and diffusers: training and installation
  • In-office fun fitness challenge programming 
  • Virtual group coaching sessions with Q&A 
  • In-office meditation and mindfulness sessions
  • Physical flexibility and core training to benefit sedentary, desk-job employees

In the home

Bring Wild-Hearted Wellness to your home!  Grab some friends and schedule a workshop, which we will design together with the following options:

  • Look at specific wellness concerns within your circle
  • Learn how to painlessly shift from using chemical-based household products to natural
  • Introduce essential oils and supportive wellness products (I'm a proud advocate for DoTERRA essential oils)
  • Personal mindfulness ritual development and meditation