Why a Holistic Approach?

Our bodies were designed to exist on this planet, and that in the same way we can support the earth, we are equally supported by nature.  I love the idea that both ancient and modern medicine working together, instead of against each other.  

Because of this, I am an advocate for natural wellness and plant medicine.  I believe that nature (including our bodies' own inner wisdom) has endless resources for our wellness if we simply listen and receive.  If you are curious about learning more, I invite you to explore this page and ask questions! 


Essential Oils

Essential oils are potent, powerful gifts from nature, and they can play a major part in supporting our wellness.  To learn more about oil sourcing and where I recommend that you get them, follow the link below!


Meditation and Mindfulness

Do you ever get overwhelmed by all of the noise and pressure in your day-to-day life?  Stress and anxiety are bad enough on their own, but they can also contribute to obesity, acne, heart disease, and other related health concerns. 

One of the most loving ways to care for yourself is to adopt a mindfulness practice in your daily routine.  No idea where to get started?  I'd love to support you!


Other Resources

With so many opinions floating around, the internet is a tricky place to get your science and research answers.  Want a completely unbiased source?  Check out this page on the US National Institute of Health's service, PubMed.  


Love Essential Oils?

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