Fitness. Nutrition. Rest. Feelings. Emotions. Spirit. Wellness.

Why do we need wellness support?

Our bodies are our single most important possession and tool in this life.

Perhaps you are a mother or father, a partner, or a friend.  As humans, we're often told to put others before ourselves, and in doing so, we neglect our own well-being.  What we forget is that in order to pour into someone else, we must first be filled.  

In order to live to our fullest potential and provide care and support to those we love, we must care for ourselves- this applies to each of our complex dimensions.  By caring for our physical selves, we are ensuring our best possible livelihood, and in turn we are equipping ourselves to be lights to others.

What does a one-on-one coaching agreement look like?

Our bodies are so unique, so our learning styles and desires are as well!  Therefore, in order to gain the most benefit from a coaching agreement, each client's package will be created according to what is for their highest good.  I will work with you to find the most serving package for you! 


Initial virtual Consult

In your initial consult, we will meet on a virtual call to discuss your current lifestyle, your goals and desires, and we will create a road map to get you where you want to be.  

one-on-one Sessions

We will meet regularly in virtual one-on-one coaching sessions.  In these sessions, we will check in with your goals and desires, work through any obstacles that you may be facing, and allow for what comes forward to be heard.

I will be with you to support you each step of the way.

Email Access

Between sessions, you will have unlimited email coaching access.  We will work together on this platform to support you as your journey continues to unfold between our sessions.

I will be with you to support you each step of the way.

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Dear one, are you ready to get the support you desire?

I'm here for you.  I would love to set up a conversation to see if we are a good fit for each other on your journey to wellness.  Showing up is your first step!