I'm a dream-chasing, dog-loving, music-playing, race-running woman who loves to travel.  I love to play my harp (#adultbeginnerplug), be in awe of nature, and share a bottle of wine over laughter and tears with friends.  My heart beats, my lungs breathe, and I am so very alive. 

I'm also incredibly passionate about the tool that allows us to do all of these things: the body.  

But it hasn't always been that way.  Let's flash back to middle-school Holly, to the girl who harshly judged herself for the way she looked, and constantly compared herself to other girls.  The girl who felt trapped in a body that she felt the world would never approve.  The girl who constantly jumped from one diet to the next in hopes of someday fitting into clothing that the seemingly flawless girls in her class wore.  The girl who placed so much importance on her appearance, that actually caring for the one thing that allowed her to move through life never once crossed her mind.  It felt like it was decided.  I was locked into a vessel that wouldn't listen to me and what I believed I needed.  I resented my own, precious body.

Then a gradual process of change began.  And no, it wasn't some amazing growth spurt to stretch me out like I had been promised.  It wasn't a miracle drug that sculpted away every imperfection I felt was magnified on myself.  I began to value my actual wellness over my appearance.  I started shifting my lifestyle to utilize my body in different ways.  Instead of allowing the pressure to look and perform a certain way run the show, I began to turn my awareness inward and listen to what my body was trying to tell me.  Then, in its own, perfect timing, my body began to shift into it's fullest potential.

I started to work together with my body instead of against it, exercising in a way that felt good to me and fit my lifestyle and fueling myself with clean, whole foods.  I began paying attention to the quality of the foods I was putting into my system and the times at which I was doing so.  I fell in love with running, which made me realize how much my body is capable of, and proved to myself time and time again that I can continue to learn and get stronger. 

A few years later, I began my own personal yoga practice, turning my awareness inward and spending time with my body in a new, quiet way.  I learned the benefits of meditation and achieved flexibility and core strength in the process.  

It is the realization that our bodies are meant to be listened to.  The connection between our mind, body, soul, and every dimension that composes our being is meant to be fueled with love, not resentment.  

My journey with my own body continues to unfold with bumps and twists along the way- and I'm gaining a sense of gratitude for those obstacles.  Because of them, my passion for helping others find their loving connection with their own vessel is fueled.  It's my desire and joy to support you on your path to embracing and caring for your precious, incredible, complex, powerful body.  I'm here for you.  Are you ready? 


Certifications and Education

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With over 8 years of experience in the fitness industry, Holly has worked as an ACE-Certified Personal Trainer, Pilates and Aerobics instructor, Circle Leader for The Wild Woman Project, Les Mills Body Pump Instructor, run multiple races, and is a proud Wellness Advocate for DoTERRA essential oils.  

Photo by East 'Note' Photography