Stop searching for your purpose and start living it instead <3


Purpose is a loaded word that tends to carry a lot of pressure. Often we may find ourselves scrounging to "find our purpose" in this lifetime, deciding that there is only one path we can take, and that we must find it on our own.
Can I offer you something?
Perhaps there is more surrender involved in aligning with our purpose than we want to believe. Regardless of your specific religious or spiritual path, if you believe in a higher power, then there is an opportunity for you to exercise this concept of surrender. Opening ourselves up to Divine guidance also opens up endless channels for abundance and opportunities.

Always say 'yes' to the present moment... Surrender to what is. Say 'yes' to life - and see how life starts suddenly to start working for you rather than against you. - Eckhart Tolle

We are constantly fed this concept that we must do to become worthy. If we aren’t successful, then we obviously aren’t working hard enough. My learning is teaching me that by releasing this pressure to constantly create, work, post, promote, and become something greater, I can simply be the incredible being that I am. You can thrive by BE-ing.

Can you still be a go-getter, badass #bossbabe if you allow yourself to trust and go with the flow? Absolutely. In fact, by incorporating more of this flow into your life, you are bringing about a balance and opening your eyes to opportunities that you might otherwise have missed with your head down, moving full speed ahead. 

Here are some ways you can practice this release today:

  • Ask for support or feedback from a trusted friend or colleague, and don't be afraid to hear what they have to say. Embrace loving criticism- none of us have all of the answers on our own. The sooner you can accept and embrace this, the more freedom and expansion you will experience.

  • Be open to changing directions. Just because you were set on a goal two weeks ago doesn't mean you have failed if that goal shifts. In fact, it means you are creating your path with openness and intention. Train yourself to look for the other doors that are constantly opening around you!

  • SLOW DOWN. In every way. Slow down when you are talking to another person, tune into not only their words, but also their body language and energy. Slow down when you eat, allowing yourself to experience the flavors and vibrations of your food fully. Slow down when you walk, and take in the environment around you. Getting into the practice of slowing down and being more attentive in these areas will cross over into your business, your interactions, and the projects and people that are most important to you.

Remember that you are held, supported, and loved unconditionally by that which created you. And that Creator has a purpose lined up for you, should you choose to lean into it- allowing it to become itself is where the trust part comes in <3

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