Setting a Morning Ritual

"The morning is a gift
a box tightly wound
whose melody rings
with each morning sound

The morning is gentle
an artist's first muse
her colors pastel
with soft, yellow hues

The pure morning star
gives her tender farewells
until the eve comes
and with stories she swells

she's seen kings and riches
and she's seen plagues and war
her heartlight- it flashes!
Yet to silence, she swore

From when time began
to when it will end
the sky's brightest star
will her messages send

To one who might spare
an hour of rest
to turn their gaze upward
with heart to invest

The morning sends love as she soon fades away
the product of night passing into the day"


Last moon cycle (a little over a month ago), I set the intention of "re-claiming my mornings."  To me that means that the time from when I wake up to the time I dive into my day's activities is sacred.  I can look back on my life and see those times that I have had a morning ritual in place and how greatly it impacted my overall well-being, compared to the rest of the time when I would wake up just in time to get ready and go.

The word "ritual" is thought-provoking, isn't it?  For some, it may be a trigger, for others it may simply be another word in their vocabulary.



For this conversation, I am using the third definition: a series of actions of type of behavior regularly and invariably followed by someone.  A morning ritual can certainly contain religious qualities.  Maybe it resonates with you to read a passage of scripture or spend time in prayer.  If so, that's wonderful- include that into your own personal practice!

I'll share what my morning ritual looks like:

I wake up at 6:15 am and go through my initial bathroom routine (brush teeth, put in contacts, wash face).  Then I put together my essential oil veggie capsule (currently Oregano, Zendochrine, and On Guard) and take it with about a liter of water (wellness tip: start your system off with more water than you initially think to take in, it'll thank you and run much smoother throughout the day).  Then I make a cup of tea, put on my warm clothes, and I go for a meditative, prayerful morning walk.  When I re-enter the house, my ritual is complete.  From that time forward, I begin whatever work it is that I need to do.  I do my best to avoid looking at my cell phone or any screens before I get to this point.

This summer, I took an online class with the The WILD Woman Project on How to Create Meaningful Personal Rituals (for everyday life).  In this course, you learn about tuning into the qualities you want to cultivate, using symbolic items and gestures, when and where you can set a ritual in place, and actions and activities that when incorporated, can add to your spiritual and overall wellness.  Part of my learning from this class is that a ritual can be as simple as the way you get out of bed or make a cup of coffee in the morning, or it can be as detailed as a full morning routine.  I highly encourage you to look into this class if you are inspired to learn more.

Now it's your turn.  Take a moment to think about your mornings.  How do you wake up?  If you find the morning time to be stressful and rushed, I strongly encourage you to go to bed an hour or so earlier and reclaim that time in the morning.  If you consider yourself a night owl and not a "morning person," you might surprise yourself with your ability to adjust and re-train your habits.  If you find that you struggle getting to sleep, check out my blog on restfulness for some tips on keying down at night.

Next, brainstorm about what kind of ritual you think would serve you best.  Maybe you already have some sort of routine in place.  If you were to re-label that routine with a more sacred title like "ritual," how might that shift your approach?

For example, instead of simply going through the motions of brushing your teeth and washing your face, you could take that time in front of the mirror to truly look at and see yourself.  Tape some affirmations around your bathroom and read through them while you brush your teeth.  Thank your skin for it's strength and endurance while you wash it.  Ask yourself what you need or want for the day.  Remember to keep it positive- you are setting yourself up for the kind of day you want to have.  Ultimately, you are your most constant companion.  Wouldn't you want him/her to be happy?

Everyone is different, so every morning ritual will be as well.  As you consider yours and give life to it, I would love to hear about it.  Feel free to comment or reach out to let me know and share your discoveries and ideas!

Stay wild <3