New Year's Revolution

Hello Wild Hearts,


As we approach the new year, it's likely that we will hear about many different New Year's resolutions, be bombarded with "shoulds," and experience some level of pressure that comes with the western world turning another year older.

Resolving to improve ourselves is never a bad thing, but when we do so, we often forget one of the most important aspects of leading a happy, prosperous life: treating ourselves with love and kindness.

I'm the first to admit that I struggle with this.  I've set big goals, thrown myself at them with all that I have, and found myself drained and unsatisfied by the time I reach them, and that's assuming that I start with enough initial thrust to get that far.  Often in these cases, I find myself at about the halfway point ready to give up and frustrated with either my body, my drive, my capabilities, etc.  Does this sound familiar?  What if there is an easier way?  A way that's kinder to you...


Imagine a mountain-top that you want nothing more than to reach.  You see two paths to get there- one is a nearly vertical cliff with jagged edges and a rocky stormy ocean at the bottom, while the other is a gentle grade, winding, soft dirt path with beautiful views and many areas to stop and rest your legs along the way.  It may seem like the most direct route is straight up, but the chance of you making it without crashing down into the waves is not great.  Meanwhile, the other path might initially look longer because of the length of the path, but consider the peace and fresh air your can enjoy along the way.


With the exception of a couple of you trained rock-climbers, I think it's safe to assume the gentle, winding path is what most of us would choose in this situation.  Might I suggest that as we move into our new year, whatever that may hold for us, we try to look at our goals in this light?  Find the path that is kind to you.  This may mean allowing for space with our goals- often we want immediate gratification, and that's what society sells us every day.  I suggest we start a New Year's Revolution and stand up to that message, saying that we will meet our goals at the pace that ultimately serves us, and we will enjoy the views and gentle grade as we rise to reach that mountain-top.

And when we finally do make it up there, and we look over the other side, we may find that we have arrived sooner than those plugging away at the rock wall.

Small steps will get you there sooner than you think loves,

<3 Holly


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