EO-ducate yoself: Clove Edition


Mmmm, it's getting colder out each day,

and the smells of the holiday season are becoming more and more present <3 

Clove essential oil is a pleasant smelling reminder of those chilly celebrations we hold so dear.  But did you know just how effective clove oil is when it comes to our wellness?  Clove oil has powerful antioxidant qualities, supports the cardiovascular system, and helps keep our teeth and gums healthy.

How to use it:
I take about 2 oz. of water and place one drop of DoTERRA Clove Oil in it, stir it up, then use like mouthwash.  It has a similar effect to mouthwash, but without the chemicals and strong mint aftertaste.  A friend of mine did this trick when he had an abscess on his gums, and it was super effective in speeding up the recovery and healing process.

You can take it in a veggie capsule to benefit from it's antioxidant properties, or diffuse it for a festive, air-cleansing scent.  Clove oil is also found in On Guard, the popular protective blend that boosts immunity, smells like Christmas, and is a powerful natural cleansing agent.

Do you have any uses for Clove oil or cloves?  I'd love to hear about them!  Comment and share your thoughts!

Stay wild <3


Clove oil is just one of many powerful tools used to take a natural approach to our wellness.  Are you interested in incorporating natural wellness into your lifestyle?  If so, feel free to click here for more information on scheduling a free natural wellness consultation or workshop.  There's a world of support just waiting to help you get started on a path to a healthier, natural way of living.  All you have to do is reach out!